Our Philosophy

Delicious Food

At RealCuisine we're all about giving you great tastes and good times. Combining culinary creativity, delightful decorations, and meticulous devotion to details, we can craft any occasion, large or small, casual or formal, into a event you'll always remember.


Our focus at Real Cuisine is to provide wonderful food and a memorable experience while being ecologically responsible. We go the extra mile to use as many ingredients and expendables as possible from local farmers and suppliers. While it's not always possible to locally source all of the products we use, we do our very best to seek out local suppliers that can provide the best quality products.


Using food that's produced and procured in ways that don't deplete the land and/or rely heavily on fossil fuels is a primary goal at RealCuisine Catering... so is reducing land fill and general waste. We use as many compostable, recyclable, and reusable products as we can to reduce waste. We're striving to be a zero waste company, and hope to someday realize that dream.


Part of the reality of local and regional produce in the Midwest is seasonal availability. Our menus and available products will rotate as the months change, reflecting each season's bounty.